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               The CIN of the company is U74999UP2017NPL089390. Licence No. 108485



Hare Krishna Prabuji / Mataji,


a)                  To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, unity, love and affection in the universe amongst the general public irrespective cast, colour or creed.


b)                 To construct, reconstruct and maintain religious, spiritual and academic importance of temples, buildings and places and celebrate yearly festivals and cultural activities.


c)                  To provide and arrange food and accommodation on cost free or concessional basis to pilgrims visiting Shree DhamVrindrabhan , BrijMandal and any other holy places.


d)                 To save dignity of temples, saints and sadhus and also to provide free or concessional education to masses with the aim to serve the humanity.


e)                  To publish the preaching of Shree JagadguruMaharaj in society and whole world. 


f)                   To establish camps to advertise the objective of the society in KumbhMela celebrated at Shree VindrabhanDham, Shree Prayag Raj, Ujjain, Nasik and Haridwar.


g)                  To organise “ChaurasikosParikma“ and carry out “SantSewa.”


h)                 To carry out and organise religious programmes like prayers, devotional songs, satsangs, yoga sadhana, etc for benefit of general public and mankind.


i)                   To establish, maintain and assist protective home and other institutions for the shelter and rehabilitation of sadhus and saints.


j)                   To start, establish, run ,take over, or manage and maintain schools, with object to provide sound pre-primary, primary, secondary, senior secondary education, higher education and vocational institute to children irrespective of caste, sex, creed and religion.